Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baby Shower Sweets Tables

What's a baby shower without a festively sweet dessert table! You can go all the way with a fancy setup or a simple one with 3-5 elements. Depending on your theme, color palette, and of course, budget, planning a sweets table should be fun and unique for the celebrant. Some tips to remember:

  1. find sweets and desserts that are sure-hitters like cakepops, cupcakes, and cookies. dont' be afraid to try other items like pie, too!
  2. consider the place to buy the items for decorating the table. you can buy them at crafts stores, but you may be surprised that many of the containers to set up the table can be borrowed from friends and family
  3. be sure to put a signage on the table or on the backdrop wall of the table
Here's the inspiration from the web that are sure to be your favorites, too!

Sweet as Pie

Sweet Birdie Baby Shower 
Summer Baby Shower Sweets Table

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Essential Super Bowl Munchies

I have three personal faves for snacking! Whether it is a glass of red wine, a limoncello, or a wine cooler, these munchies are sre to be gone quickly! Be sure to have many bags! Serving bowls should be large!  Think Yukon Gold Chips, Kettle Chips Honey Mustard, and Trader Joe's Kettle Cooked popcorn!