Friday, May 29, 2009

Trays for a Party

It's tray talk time! I love these lovely European-inspired trays - perfect for a wine and cheese party! Should I say "tres chic." Check these out:

All of these trays are available via Touch of Europe:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Pancake Party

For a super sweet Mother's Day party, we are having a fun pancake party with my brothers and sisters! Since it is a pancake fare, guests will be able to put their own toppings as in strawberries, blueberries, and bananas. We will also be offering up sauces such as maple syrup, chocolate fudge, and even mascarpone. As accompaniments, there will also be bacon, sausages, and eggs.

To decorate the table, our centerpiece will consist of mom's favorite flowers, gerberas housed in simple antique jars. Coffee and tea will be also be set alongside the buffet table for the food. It's a simple yet fun party! In this photo, I was so inspired to try the recipe with the blueberries. When it comes to gifts, each of us are giving mom a photo in a pretty frame.


Friday, May 1, 2009

An End Means a Beginning

So begins my first blog on a topic that I've always enjoyed. And being that today is the first day of May, this month is filled with a few notable holidays and celebrations. For one, I am planning a fun party with some of my old college friends for a Cinco de Mayo potluck dinner. The main idea behind the party was to make it budget-friendly yet stylish, so I am the one in charge of decor! And this is what I have in mind:

1- Colors - will be a red, yellow, and blue palette. Aqua and red will be everywhere!

2- Flowers - will have no flowers at all. Instead we will be using giant Mexican paper flowers. See the picture below via Tumacácori National Historical Park's site. Or if this is too hard to make, we will be using balloons (there will be kids, too). Since it is supposed to be a fun event, the idea of using balloons just resonated with the adults. And we can get them in every color. Just be sure not to get carried away. Perhaps this might be incorporated into the centerpieces. We would have to use smaller balloons then.

3 - Food - will be provided by guests! Since we are about 8 people, each one has already indicated what to bring. It will consist of tamales, fajitas made with beef and chicken, tacos with carnitas, and lots of chips and dip. We will also have a self-serve area for drinks. Margaritas are definitely calling! But, we will also have some cool martinis made with guavas.

4- Invitations - will be done all online through Hey, it said "budget-friendly" party.

5- Favors - will be provided also by me. I am planning to give out goody boxes filled up to the brim with sweet goodies that will be bought from a local panaderia here in LA. And of course, mantecados! See the recipe.

I really can't wait to plan this fun party because you can be a kid again but in a whole new way. Oh, will also be getting a pinata. Since some guys have kids already, this one will be fun to include.