Friday, December 13, 2013

Sweet 16 Party Themes - Elegant not cheesy!

When you start browsing for sweet 16 party themes, consider a theme that is fun yet elegant. After all, you will be taking tons of pictures at the event! I've come up with some lovely themes that bring you to one night of glamour and grace.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Theme - think of a pretty black and Tiffany blue palette, while the venue can be a formal function room or even a clubhouse suite! Find decor that is budget-friendly like carnations in ivory, candlelight set in sparkly glass votives, and favors that double as decor such as Tiffany blue bags filled with beauty products!

Parisian Theme - A night in Paris would be so romantic. Consider a palette in pink and black with gold and white accents! Set centerpieces with Eiffel Towers or how about create tables with different names of French designers like Chanel! Make it fun and interactive by having a photo booth for the guests to try on different couture-inspired outfits.  See example of a Parisian theme Sweet 16th birthday.

Table decor sweet 16

Popstar Theme - Who wouldn't want such as cool theme that everyone can enjoy. Think of glitzy touches like sequins scattered throughout the tables. Pearls are also great and very popular for table decor! As for the colors, consider a metallic color combo in pinks, gold, and fuchsia. Enjoy the theme with a karaoke bar!