Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baby Shower Sweets Tables

What's a baby shower without a festively sweet dessert table! You can go all the way with a fancy setup or a simple one with 3-5 elements. Depending on your theme, color palette, and of course, budget, planning a sweets table should be fun and unique for the celebrant. Some tips to remember:

  1. find sweets and desserts that are sure-hitters like cakepops, cupcakes, and cookies. dont' be afraid to try other items like pie, too!
  2. consider the place to buy the items for decorating the table. you can buy them at crafts stores, but you may be surprised that many of the containers to set up the table can be borrowed from friends and family
  3. be sure to put a signage on the table or on the backdrop wall of the table
Here's the inspiration from the web that are sure to be your favorites, too!

Sweet as Pie

Sweet Birdie Baby Shower 
Summer Baby Shower Sweets Table

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Essential Super Bowl Munchies

I have three personal faves for snacking! Whether it is a glass of red wine, a limoncello, or a wine cooler, these munchies are sre to be gone quickly! Be sure to have many bags! Serving bowls should be large!  Think Yukon Gold Chips, Kettle Chips Honey Mustard, and Trader Joe's Kettle Cooked popcorn!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sweet 16 Party Themes - Elegant not cheesy!

When you start browsing for sweet 16 party themes, consider a theme that is fun yet elegant. After all, you will be taking tons of pictures at the event! I've come up with some lovely themes that bring you to one night of glamour and grace.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Theme - think of a pretty black and Tiffany blue palette, while the venue can be a formal function room or even a clubhouse suite! Find decor that is budget-friendly like carnations in ivory, candlelight set in sparkly glass votives, and favors that double as decor such as Tiffany blue bags filled with beauty products!

Parisian Theme - A night in Paris would be so romantic. Consider a palette in pink and black with gold and white accents! Set centerpieces with Eiffel Towers or how about create tables with different names of French designers like Chanel! Make it fun and interactive by having a photo booth for the guests to try on different couture-inspired outfits.  See example of a Parisian theme Sweet 16th birthday.

Table decor sweet 16

Popstar Theme - Who wouldn't want such as cool theme that everyone can enjoy. Think of glitzy touches like sequins scattered throughout the tables. Pearls are also great and very popular for table decor! As for the colors, consider a metallic color combo in pinks, gold, and fuchsia. Enjoy the theme with a karaoke bar!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Pretty pretty Valentine's Paper Projects

The cutest paper projects for Valentine's! Love the paper garlands and wreath made with cards in this palette of ideas:

candy boxes, cards for a wreath, paper hearts, hanging hearts

Tip: You can collect old Valentine's cards and save them for your projects!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Packaging So Cool and Pretty

I just love this adorable packaging for the holidays! Check out these lovely finds which look so easy to do:

pink and gold with twine

glassine envelope with tag

gift wrap with buttons

Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Napkin Rings for Your Holiday Table

Don't you just love how adding napkin rings to your place settings can instantly up the 'party' factor?

So for all the upcoming celebrations this holiday season, here are some festive napkin accents that are sure to impress your guests. Easy elegance, no-fuss fab! Best of all, they're DIY-able!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Easy DIY Holiday Garlands

Christmas is such a crazy season, that finding time to decorate for a holiday party can be a real challenge! But have you noticed how just stringing up some bunting, ceiling decor or garlands makes a space suddenly 'party ready'?!

So I searched the web for 3 DIY garlands that will have your party venue looking festive in no time. My criteria? Easy. Affordable. Fun!